Top 3 of Operations Management Software

In the past, operations management software was not a terribly critical asset for a company, even within the realms of SaaS, but that’s changed a lot in the last couple years. Where once the cloud computing concept was theoretical -and barely implementable in any practical form – now you can’t take a step online without encountering a cloud infrastructure.

This progress is a wonderful thing, but the plethora of OMS systems can make choosing the right operations management software a bit tricky. With all this choice overload, what’s the right one for your company’s niche, your business philosophy and your resource needs?

Operations management is a broad, sweeping term with a number of subgenres. That said, I’m going to take a moment and try to give you a handful of different management software suites – that cover a fairly wide base – so that you know what’s available out there.

Operations management software is multifaceted software. Each provider offers a different set of features designed for specific needs. The list below is not numbered by which provider is ‘better’ than the other… So just disregard the order and check them out!

#1 – Boundary

Boundary is THE comprehensive IT operations management suite for the SaaS user. While I plan to touch on IT software in more detail (in my next installment of operations management software),as far as technical details are concerned, this is the IT solution I recommend.

Boundary features a dashboard, real-time trends of critical metrics, proprietary and 3rd party events (in a single console), a pre-designed library of event connectors, and APIs to build early warnings. Boundary also offers tend and anomaly detection and visualization of response times (between tiers of applications). Simply put, Boundary is the comprehensive, powerful, all-in-one IT solution.

#2 – SyncForce

SyncForce is the operations management platform for sales and CRM- equipped with interoperability for the big CRM names like SalesForce and SalesNexus. Designed for all business sizes, it offers controlled access of marketing and product information, group targeting, efficiency analysis, creativity suite integration, turnover-enhancing tools and analytics operations.

SyncForce is great, if for no other reason, than for its integration with the big names in CRM. I recommend this be your solution for sales-oriented operations management. It’s a little expensive, so while it’s scalable, startups may find it to be cost prohibitive. Luckily, Syncforce is planning on releasing more tiers of the software to account for this.

#3 – TruePOS

TruePOS is for the retail-minded company in need of powerful POS operations management. Offering stock age analysis, transfer frameworks, delivery management, warehouse management, accessory support and stock checking- TruePOS fits the bill. This system won’t fail you in managing, shipping and processing products, items or retail. TruPOS is scalable for small, medium and large businesses; Different tiers are available to make it affordable for each demographic.

Operations management software has become not only advantageous, but critical in modern business. Luckily, there exists a plethora of choices to fit your exact needs. Listed above are just three of the many different OMS providers to choose from… Good Luck!

Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.