Top 3 Performance Appraisal Software Reviews

Performance appraisal software is becoming very integral to most businesses and organizations in recent times. While keeping tabs on performance, efficiency and any hitches in the whole ordeal that could be cause these to be lacking by set standards has always been desired, it just wasn’t practical to ensure an accurate and large scope for it. At the time, this mild inaccuracy and vagueness was simply tolerated, as it was with a lot of soft statistics.

However, as we grow increasingly comfortable and fond of our lightning-quick, super-accurate computing systems for tracking analyitics and logistics, we’ve simply come to not tolerate a lack of this speed and accuracy in all measurements we take. And so, with the advent of SaaS both making niche software practical, and escaping the limiting bounds of platforms and limited computing of single devices, well, this spoiled attitude is allowable, and we can have our high-quality, accurate performance appraisal software. Not only that, but it can be easy to use and affordable. Oh yes.

So, what kind of offerings for this are going around? Well, there’re a ton of tools for this, and some of them are dang good. Let’s take a look at a few.

 #1 – Salesforce

Well heck. How can you not like the idea of this? Performance appraisal and metrics right from the powerhouse CRM suite offered by Salesforce? That just goes together like burgers and chips, doesn’t it?

Along with the obvious power of Salesforce, which blends seamlessly when marrying it to extended functionality, this particular one brings in some really good features for performance appraisal. It takes advantage of the collaborative power of Salesforce to bring in team alignment with shared goals, reward systems tapping the power of Amazon, goals tied to real metrics, customized badging and recognition, real time feedback, all with an adept point and click interface that’s so Salesforce.

Already using Salesforce for your CRM and extended metrics? Then you probably will want to look into adding this to your repertoire.

#2 – TribeHR

Want something standalone? Well, you’re going to share the functionality with other things, usually HR management, due to performance appraisal and HR responsibilities often overlapping pretty closely. TribeHR is an example of this. While a lot of its features are more on the HR side, its competence for performance appraisal is pretty solid.

Among its features are employee profiles, performance and goal tracking, timesheets, review and review cycle tracking, anonymous microfeedback, goal tracking, skill tracking and much more. It also integrates with NetSuite and Salesforce, so if you don’t want to use’s extension but love your Salesforce nonetheless, well, there you go.

#3 – Halogen Software

Another such example of this kind of software that’s pretty impressive is Halogen Software. These guys have been getting rave reviews since they made their debut, and if you look at the featuresets here, you can see why. Along with great appraisal features like succession planning, goal management, automated appraisals, competency management and employee feedback and recognition/development, it also features tools for engaging issues in performance, such as engagement and talent management.

Halogen’s a little pricier, but if you have the budget, and are less worried about integration with Salesforce etc., then this one’s probably going to make you very happy.

While performance appraisal software shares its functionality, often enough, with other purposes, you’ll find they’re purposes you need something to serve.

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