Top 3 SaaS Directory List

Has anyone else noticed how eating cereal for breakfast, somehow, the rhythmic crunching drives introspection and thought? Because, as I was munching away on mine this morning, it occurred to me that I’ve forgotten to talk about a really useful tool for anyone interested in SaaS. An SaaS directory is very helpful, given that despite the power of Google and the popularity of SaaS as a topic, researching options is a bumpy road without these.

I must confess that as a writer, when I need to research SaaS titles to cite by name for any particular reason, research for this is always a hair pulling experience. When a colleague turned me on to an SaaS directory he knew, I was ecstatic.

I later discovered a couple more. I don’t know why it escaped me to talk about these in the past, so today, I would like to remedy that.

I’m going to talk about the top three directories I know, though there are more. t.

#1 – GetApp

GetApp is actually not any less superior than Honestly, I only rank it second because of aesthetic concerns. See, I’m also aware of UX sciences, and that does factor in, when comparing otherwise equally competent services. GetApp is just as inclusive and quick to load, but it’s just not quite as attractive as its peer, and the design is likely not going to work well for mobile.

The aesthetic is strictly a matter of taste, and if you’re not using mobile to access the directory at any point, you might like GetApp more. It works just as well.

#2 –

This SaaS Directory has it all and is also a free, great place to showcase your product. Relatively new, readysaasgo is brought to the community by the community and gaining much attention as it rapidly grows.

#3 –

Yeah, this is the obvious one, given its name, but frankly, it was the last of the six I use that I discovered. It’s actually not a bad looking site, though a little bit excessive, as far as appearance. It’s pretty much as inclusive as the other two, maybe even more, really.

It has a stable classic design which is pretty compatible across the board. So it’s not a bad site. So, why am I only giving it 3rd spot? Well, at the risk of sounding like a hipster, it’s a little too commercialized to surpass Readysaasgo or GetApp. What I mean is, the pages are ad heavy, and the promoted software tends to outshine the standard listings to slightly irksome levels. So, while it has a lot more content, there’s a stronger signal to noise ratio in what it presents.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I still use it quite a bit, but it’s the third place I look during research, not the first.

So, I’ve given you three good options for an SaaS directory. I combine all three in my research, if I need it to be extensive enough. You don’t have to do that, you can just choose which of these three you like the most, if you don’t need that much resources. Really, it’s a matter of taste which of these three would be the one you choose, but I stand by recommending my number one choice for that.

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