Top 3 SaaS Reads of the Week

As Fall approaches and the trees are getting ready for their yearly fashion show, I can’t help but enjoy fantasies of hot cocoa, my snuggie and some good reading. Sadly, it’s still 86 degrees outside, so I’m going to have to wait a bit longer.


As the weekly tradition dictates, here are the 3 top articles in the SaaSopshere for this week.


Top 3 SaaS Articles of the Week:

SaaS and PaaS: A Symbiotic Relationship Delivering Enterprise Value

“Every time we talk with customers, partners, and influencers about the topic of cloud computing we SaaS and PaaS: A Symbiotic Relationship Delivering Enterprise Value image untitled 300x1961have to start with a definition of cloud. And we then discuss how SaaS and PaaS play together. ”

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Six Key Benchmarks for Your SaaS Startup:

“One of the most frequent questions entrepreneurs ask me is how does their business compare to others? Benchmarking is a great tool, if you can get access to representative data. Pacific Crest and David Skok have released a fantastic survey benchmarking SaaS metrics for early and growth stage companies. The entire report is well worth reading. Below is my list of the six most important benchmarks and observations from that report.”

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Invisible software is a sight for sore eyes

“Here at The Edge Software Research Institute, we have been tracking the impact of what we call ”invisible software” for more than six years.”

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