Top 4 SaaS Articles of The Week

SaaS is such a dynamic field I am often amazed how much can change within one week of being on vacation. Being half polish, I don’t usually spend much time in the sun, but this year I felt the ocean calling me. And so,  With my newly purchased tan and after catching some very required ZzZzZz’s, I’m back and ready to give you the top articles and news from my very loved SaaSosphere.

Top 4 SaaS Articles of The Week:

SaaS Marketing – Maximizing Customer Lifetime ValueClick Here Now to Read

B2B Software Startups: The SaaS Platform DilemmaClick Here Now to Read

As SaaS Market Continues to Grow, More Colleges and Universities are Implementing the Technology: Appointment-Plus Provides 4 Tips on Choosing a Reputable ProviderClick Here Now to Read

SaaS Security: Scrutinizing the Security Terms of Cloud Vendor Contracts – Click Here Now to Read


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