Top 5 SaaS Promotional Video Pick

I love great videos that really showcase a company’s character and marketing ability. And so I decided to sit and watch a huge load of different promotional videos an pick the top 5 best videos.

Well, 352 Videos Later, I finally had my picks and I decided to get another opinion from marketing genius and coworker Jason Silberman who gave some very useful comments.

The top 5 promotional Saas videos:

Sugar Sync – The video is funny and well produced. And of course the attractive presenter keeps your attention.


Zendesk – Nice that the video gets the message across without a verbal dialogue – pleasant and unexpected. And the video shows the various options at direct, real-time customer engagement that the service provides. Nice music too.


GoToMeeting – Nicely produced, cinematic video, that gets across a clear message – that when you suddenly have a new idea, you can easily and quickly have a video conference to share it. It’s simple in terms of a script, but in this case, less is more.

Hubspot – The video works because it directly speaks to the marketing person in the language they would understand. The animation is effective.

Mailchimp – The strength of the video is that it speaks to a diversity of types of people who use the product. Showing different types of people, in a range of settings. It focuses on the user him/herself rather than the company, or even the product itself. If the goal of MailChimp is to put a human face on what would otherwise be random emails, the video strengthens that message.

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