Top 5 Articles on Measuring Your SaaS Success

Whether it’s an emphasis on obtaining new clients, pleasing prospects already in the pipeline or clients you’ve just attained, data is crucial. By combining clear analytics with big data you can achieve swift progress and relevant customization for your SaaS platform. Examining your success is a key factor in your road to even more success, let’s see how we do it.


Why Profit is the Wrong Metric for Software as a Service Companies Such as Xero

This article, by Joshua Tanchel, is a great example of the outcomes of incorrect analytics. Australia’s Financial Review published a post by a Deloitte partner regarding the correct way to properly evaluate a SaaS company. In this article he is discussing Xero, a SaaS accounting company based in New Zealand.


Stick Point: What it is and Why it Matters in SaaS

Click to learn about “stick point”. A moment in time in the initial phase of the consumer lifecycle where they’ll likely stay the full typical lifetime. It aids you to calculate your customer metrics, but also helps you get your customers to a point of success sooner.


Big Data Analysis Goes SaaS

Why not use SaaS in order to examine SaaS? jKool revealed its ambitious big data analytics product to uncover unseen information patterns in the data. It also offers crucial insight on the SaaS platform’s ongoing performance and offers a path to rapid improvement.


Sales Analytics and Forecasting Solutions to Consider

Sales analytics software aids a business’s administration team comprehend the data and how they can use this statistics to improve continuously. This article has some examples of different Sales Analytics solutions worth considering.


Free Trials, Enterprise Sales, and Building Trust

There are many SaaS development strategies out there. Assuming you’re gaining high-value prospects that have attainment potential, a Free Trial should benefit that important group of users and allow them to get to know, appreciate, and trust you and your service. Free Trials reduce the barrier of entry for a prospect significantly, taking the focus off of an instant spending choice and putting it on just the methodological, practical, and positive process.


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