Top 5 Articles on SaaS and Cloud

1# The Promise Of SaaS Customer Success Metrics

The SaaS Community has access to a number of financial metrics that enables companies to better manage their finances. However, there is always a glaring gap between what happens on different levels of management. Here is an article by Joel York on this topic to help you understand various success metrics.

2# Cloud Computing Continues To Thrive: SAAS Being its Most Popular Type

Cloud computing is one of the most effective ways of increasing profits. SAAS is one major tool that helps achieve this goal. Oodles Technologies look at how SAAS technology has improved cloud computing.

3# Using a Trial/ Freemium Model? Here’s How To Convert Those Users Into Customers

There are a number of SAAS free models that are easy to use and low risk as compared to the premium models. You can use them to convert ordinary users into customers. Here is an article by Steven Simoni on how to use these models to attract more customers.

4# How to Determine Which Price Is Best For Your SAAS Startup’s Product

Setting the right price on your SAAS product is not a walk in the park. There are a number of factors that need to be considered during the price setting process. Here is an article by Tomasz Tunguz on how to determine the price tag on your product.

5# How Cloud Computing Benefits Our Earth 

And here’s one I wrote- Check out this article that explains the environmental benefits of cloud computing.


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