Top 5 Articles on the topic of SaaS and Cloud Security Risks

After I published my article on “How to Identify the 10 Fastest Growing Cloud Apps” I received numerous inquiries regarding Skyhigh’s role as a security risk solution for cloud services. This made me realize that this field is still complex and new and therefore this week I will share a few of my favorite articles regarding the SaaS model security risk and solutions.

Today the prime concern in the cloud solutions and services market is regarding the security of data and customer privacy. Catering to this major concern of the customers, cloud based solution vendors as well as the service providers assist them with superior quality network and storage security services.


20 of the Greatest Myths of Cloud Security

Before I scare away all of my readers from the wonderful world of cloud technology, here is a rather comprehensive list of risks that might be associated with cloud technology, with security experts explaining the prevalence of each one.


The Cloud Computing Security Challenge

This short article offers great statistics to show the widespread of cloud usage and the risks it accompanies, it also offers a glimpse of the forthcoming industry of cybersecurity based on cloud technology.


Cloud Security Temperature Check

This article is based on an extensive interview with cloud users from all industries to explore the risk associated with cloud usage in the enterprise level. The interview shows that it is quite common for companies to lead their own implementation of cloud services, but even where IT is involved, as organizations implementation is often risky and uncoordinated.


Beware the Ticking Internet of Things Security Time Bomb

We simply cannot discuss cloud security issues without mentioning the surge in Internet of Things technology. We are witnessing a new future where every single item is connect to the web and this ushers in a new age of security. The article covers the panel in TIE Startup Convention in Cambridge, Mass. In early May.


Simple And Recommended SaaS Security Tips

And to end on a bright note, here are some great tips made by Peter who shares his extensive knowledge in Cloud Security. The tips are really straight forward and easily implementable so I highly recommend give them a shot.

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