Top 5 best Business Intelligence SaaS

business intelligence saasSaaS business intelligence software has contributed quite a bit to the acceptance of SaaS as a viable platform of software delivery by most users and companies alike. Being the first practical application of SaaS aside from social media and gaming (which are now ancient), this particular field is full of a diverse variety of solutions to meet just about any level or specialty of need in BI.

The problem here is that with such an immense variety of SaaS business intelligence software available, choosing the right ones can be an arduous and time consuming affair. There are so many, and so many of them are excellent, having had time to refine their design and strategy in the burgeoning SaaS industry. So, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Which ones are the crème of the crop? This is a difficult question, and there’s no a priori list of these that’s truly definitive.

But, to spare you as much stress and confusion as possible, let’s look at five of the best ones out there, by popular user review, and see if these don’t narrow choices for you in the future. Note that this list does not order them in any direction of superiority, as each of these solutions easily holds its own as well as the next.

#1 – GoodData

GoodData’s been around for a while and is widely approved of by many for its team centric view on how analytics and cooperation should coexist in a centralized system. Designed for teams and organizations to share a central pool of data and metrics, GoodData is ideal for the business with a lot of team projects, and is also great for managing organizational learning or knowledge management that requires some analytical input from outside sources.

GoodData is the cooperative BI solution at a reasonable price and with a solid reputation in the industry.

#2 – Quantivo Behavioral Analytics

For the social-minded company, Quantivo is a behavioral analytics provider which specializes in metrics based around social interaction environments. With the increasing focus on social business and social marketing systems that the modern internet has brought about, this is a very useful form of analytics specializing in the human animal, a rather unpredictable element to try to handle alone.

Quantivo has your back if human social interaction, a difficult thing to do metrics on, is necessary for your business to thrive. They understand people and how they think, and that is a rare gift indeed.

#3 – DataSwell

DataSwell is perfect for companies that handle anything related to travel, be it tourism, shipping and receiving, import/export or any number of other transitory data involved in moving about our planet.

Aggregating all tiers of data and logistics for travel with intuitive tools and easy data allocation and storage/recall, DataSwell is all about keeping users from spending valuable time trying to sift through otherwise baffling data in the complex field of analytics that is travel and shipping. DataSwell is considered by most in this field to be the de facto SaaS business intelligence provider for this fast-paced industry, and for good reason.

#4 – ViewTrend

ViewTrend is a long haul web trend analytics provider for companies interested in SEO marketing and outreach, as well as companies that want to be in the know about the latest internet trends and popular interests. With a series of intuitive and simple tools as well as a very detailed visual representation of trends in marketing and website traffic, ViewTrend is one of the leading web logistics firms dealing with the increasingly sensitive trending science that has become such a driving force in modern online marketing. They are a must have BI provider if trends matter to your company – and they certainly do.

#5 – CloudScale Realtime Apps

CloudScale is on the cutting edge of a new kind of BI that until very recently wasn’t really possible to implement. With a cloud computing infrastructure and cross-platform apps for any imaginable device or workstation, CloudScale is delivering realtime analytics, updated by the second, to companies with time sensitive analytical needs.

Before recently, this was impossible to do, and given that the internet is an increasingly faster-moving environment, and with it business moves yet faster in this century, a lack of realtime BI was a death knell for many companies that needed to enter the digital frontier full force.

CloudScale has made the impossible possible with their intuitive cloud-centric model.

These are only five of the best SaaS business intelligence solutions out there, and they cover a wide variety of niches. They’re not the only ones, and they’re not the only great ones, but these do exemplify the widest general range of needs and one of these is almost guaranteed to be right for you.

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