Top 5 Cloud Tech Articles This Week

The cloud technology is booming and so is the news around it, check out this week’s top 5 articles about the cloud computing growth and how it impacts businesses, enterprises and startups. I highly recommend reading James Bourne’s article about vendor visibility, something we tend to forget.


Has Cloud Computing Growth Plateaued In Enterprises?

With all the talk around cloud computing taking place at seminars, among users and suppliers it’s easy to get lost. The article discusses a well-rounded recent survey of 500 mid-market enterprises and suggest valuable insights.

It also provides a brief yet professional overview of the different aspects of cloud computing in the enterprise environment and the challenges it might bring. (Written by Joe McKendrick)

Lack of Vendor Visibility Is Number One Pain Point for Cloud Customers

SANS Institute survey about cloud costumers shows very different facts than what I thought, and this article summarizes the important aspects of that research.

The main argument is that lack of vendor visibility is causing frustration among users and I even touched on the subject on the last article in this list as well.

(Written by James Bourne)

How a Hybrid Cloud Architecture Stops the Data Loss and Shadow IT Threat

The negative sides of fully migrating your IT and storage to the cloud are numerous, and are often discussed. While solutions exists for many of those problems, one that remains is that issue of shadow IT. If this term is foreign to you than this article is something you should look at.

(Written by Ian findlay)

You May Be Right To Be Worried About DRaaS – But Help Is At Hand

78% of all tech organizations adopted cloud as their main infrastructure. The article predicts that businesses that follow customer driven strategy will begin to worry about business service refurbishment. Consequently, there is a bigger necessity to validate the capability of an organization to offer virtual and applications.

(Written by Monica Brink)

Why Did She Leave Me? Top Mistakes by SaaS Vendor that Put Off Customers

Churn is the enemy of sustainable SaaS business growth. Churn seeds are planted early – before the customer even steps his/her foot in your company. The kind of customers you target with your marketing messaging and outreach, and what you say and do during the sales process determines if you’re acquiring customers that will stay or customers with one foot already out the door. As a SaaS vendor, there are 4 main mistakes to avoid make that cause customers to ditch you. They are:




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