Top 5 SaaS Articles

#1- DoSomething’s Charity Teamwork

This article is posted by Austin and it is about DoSomething, a non-profit charitable work that has over two million members from all around the world. This movement is designed for all those who want to make a change and who can make a difference in somebody’s life. DoSomething is corporate-funded in proportion of 80% by world-renowned brands, such as Toyota.

#2- Why We Use E-mail So Much And How We Can Become Better At E-mailing 

Here Denis Duvauchelle says that e-mail plays a crucial role in every online marketing campaign. There are several aspects that can distinguish impeccable and skilled e-mailers from spam e-mailers, thus increasing the chances of having your online mail delivered and read by the recipient. Gmail or Grexit are two of the most commonly used e-mailing platforms at the moment.

#3- The First Ten Questions I Ask Entrepreneurs When I Invest

Ben Yoskovitz says that every investor must take certain aspects into account prior to investing in a start up. It is important for them to identify the reason why they want to start a business in the first place, to come up with a tailored plan of action and to determine what is it that will keep them motivated in the long haul. A good entrepreneur must also be well-aware of his competition and always struggle to be one step ahead of it.

#4- SMB SaaS Vendors Must Make It Easier For Customers To Try The Product

Ben Kepes writes that it is important for SaaS vendors to make their software more accessible and more user-friendly in order to attract more prospects. Removing the mandatory credit card entry for a free trial of a certain SaaS programs is one of the most important aspects that need to be taken care of. Also, another aspect that pushes customers away is the “stickiness” that seems to be characteristic for some SaaS vendors who are simply being too pushy when they try to persuade prospects into becoming their customers.

#5- SaaS Metrics You Don’t Want to Ignore

And here’s one I wrote- enjoy!


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