Top 5 SaaS BPM Providers Any Business Should Use

I do a lot of SaaS lists, and I know I’ve touched on several niches multiple times, which is necessary because new stuff comes out and software updates, changing what’s best at any time. I think, however, that I’ve never talked about SaaS BPM software, and I don’t really know why that is, because it’s one of the bigger uses of SaaS as a platform. How I managed to never talk about it is beyond me.

Though, in my defense, I did talk about some titles of SaaS BPM at a few points, listing software that did it in other niches it also filled, in previous lists. So, with that in mind, today, let’s talk about this, because there’s plenty of software out there to choose from.

I’ll list five of the best, though their order doesn’t mean anything as all in all these choices’re pretty even. It’s all about which one works best for your business, needs and your pocket book.


KiSSFLOW is a flexible workflow app designed to work closely with Google integration, including excellent performance on Android devices, and ready integration with Chrome, Chrome OS and Google services across the board. This is a push by Google and their friends to get Google back into the forefront of business SaaS, given their usual branding as freebie hippies.

But, it’s a good app, so you ought to give it a try if you can.

#2 – LeanKit

Looking for something that’s very organically visual, more so than other workflow systems? Then you need LeanKit, which uses the Kanban method of visualization to present workflows in a logical, eye catching way that’s easy to follow, comprehend and put together.

It works in realtime with around the world users, which is a nice touch, too. A little document management in there.

#3 – OfficeBooks

OfficeBooks is process management for manufacturing made easy. It seeks to simplify the complex work flows, business processes and accounting and resource management flows that are involved in industrial environments, without a high cost to cause further dismay.

This is a good one for any form of industry creating goods, including food service providers.

#4 – BPMonline CRM

The last two are CRM-oriented, because this is an area that sorely needs BPM software designed with it in mind. First, we have BPMonline CRM, which is a competent, comprehensive system like OfficeBooks, but geared to CRM concerns and human resources as well.

BPMonline CRM is a more rounded, less aggressive choice, when compared to our last offering.

#5 – LogicBox for CRM

LogicBox is calling out SalesForce, the leading CRM application out there. SalesForce tries to occupy the BPM niche of CRM with its scripting capacity and flexibility, but LogicBox offers to integrate these features with far less of a clunky result.

They’re something to watch, and while they don’t replace SalesForce across the board, they certainly do a better job of their chosen purpose than SalesForce does, so I’d say go with this, and leave SalesForce to do what it was intended to do.

These are the top five trending SaaS BPM suites out there at this time, and of course this changes often, so check back often for new offerings on this topic.

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