Top 5 SaaS CRM Systems

Software as a Service Customer Relationship Management ( Saas CRM ) is a software usage model where a vendor licenses a certain software system to be utilized as a service on demand through time subscription or pay as you go. When it comes to CRM software it means that instead of buying hardware and software you only need a computer that has internet access to run the CRM software. There are a number of options available in the market and the best 5 include;


This is one of the industry leaders when it comes to SaaS CRM. It offers a wide range of applications for small, mid-market and even enterprise organizations with a focus on support and sales. It offers vertical solutions for financial services segments and wealth management. It also has capabilities in marketing automation, sales management and customer service which help to manage customer accounts, track and monitor marketing campaigns, track sales leads and offer post sale service.


This is a complete SaaS CRM solution for both small and mid-sized organizations, it boasts of thousands of customers all over the globe. It offers an all in one business solution with an emphasis on front and back office with a complete view of the client. It offers strong functionality in partner relationship management, sales force automation, customer data management, eCommerce and marketing analysis among many others. It also extends functionality to mobile devices with its iPhone application.


This is an example of a flexible SaaS CRM. This lets users combine the ideal solutions that drive customer view 360 degrees across all the channels you are using. This also helps you implement real-time decisioning that ensures you only target the correct offer at the right time to the correct customer. This is done by enabling you to transform all your creative, marketing and project management into an efficient powerhouse that is streamlined. This way you can be assured that you enhance customer loyalty and engagement which helps you to maximize profits.

Sugar CRM

This offers an intuitive user experience one of the reasons why the SaaS CRM attracts many users all over the world. It can be used for marketing automation, sales automation, account management and various customer relationship management needs. The system is design for use convenience with wizard tools for first time users and home page that can be customized. Most people say that it is one of the most flexible options in the market. It’s also built on an open source platform giving you unlimited freedom for customizing the ideal solutions for the needs of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is an incredible customer relationship management solution that can be used easily by both mid-market and enterprise organizations. It provides industry specific organizations that can be used for a number of industries such as financial services, government, retail, manufacturing, education and health care among many others. It offers strong capabilities in customer data management, sales force automation, customer service, marketing automation as well as analytics notable improvements with custom and UI (interface) dashboards. It is also considered on of the best SaaS CRM that helps cuts on costs.


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