Top 5 SaaS Insights This Week

This week on SaaSAddict Weekly Roundup, we are covering the beautiful UI that makes SaaS biz soar, the SaaS sales funnel and how it should be maintained, winning competition not by branding but by innovating and a fascinating outlook on the growing Fintech industry.


Hiten Shah on Building a Long Lasting Funnel in SaaS

Hiten Shah of Quicksprout & KISSmetrics presented the following context during his speech at SaaSFest 2015. This article breaks down the core of ideas presented and includes some of the best slides.


The New UI For SaaS – The Question

Learn about the importance of including a chat in the right time in the right place within your website. This article also discusses the concept of chat based startups and how they are effecting the SaaS scene.


Competing in SaaS by Leading With Product

An insightful article sharing some new ideas on how to win with your SaaS product despite growing competition. It touches the important topics of creating innovative ideas, assuming you are wrong sometimes, and how to build stable companies brick by brick.


How to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy for SaaS Companies

Discover the 5 pillars of the complete framework for successful inbound marketing: Email Marketing, Integration with current systems, Content marketing, Costumer Segmentation and social media. This combo will provide increased traffic and increased engagement.


5 Ways Fintech is Revolutionizing Traditional Banking

Despite how hotly contested software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud computing is in the banking industry, there’s no stopping the migration to digital. This is where we’re heading, as traditional banking becomes a thing of the past. As pointed out in this article, cloud computing is reliable, and has the ability to change the landscape of financial services, as it offers customers access to banking systems without additional costs or obstacles. Moreover, fintech can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of software infrastructure.

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