Top 5 SaaS Posts

1# SaaS Churn Secrets: Beware The Non-Complainers

Did you know that there is a group of clients who will never complain about your services even if they are unsatisfactory? You need to understand this so as to grow and meet all your clients’ needs. Bobby Cooper explains the SaaS Churn secrets that most people are not aware of.

2# The Investment Patterns Of SAAS Companies In Sales And Engineering Over Time

Hundreds of companies that specialize in sales and engineering use SAAS to delivery services to customers. Here is an article by Tomasz Tunguz on some of the investment patterns that they use to do this.

3# SaaS Continues To Dominate Enterprise Cloud Computing Market

Research shows that SAAS is still leading in the cloud computing market. It helps companies and organizations achieve goals and objectives. Andrew Brooks looks at why it continues to do amidst the ever increasing computing products.

4# Unfortunately, SaaS Start-up Valuations Are About To Fall by 50%

A recent study shows that over half of the current SaaS start-ups valuations are most likely to fall before reaching their targets. It all depends on your timing, public markets and your standing in the market. Jason Lemkin explains this turn of events to help you make intelligent decisions for your business.

5# Hilarious Cloud Computing Cartoon

Storing data on a cloud is one of the newest ways of safely securing your business data. Here is a carton that will blow your mind off.


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