Top 5 Saas Products You Must Get to Know


When choosing SaaS products, it’s become quite a bit of an ordeal to sift through the endless sea of products and tools out there. SaaS is quickly becoming a blossoming and burgeoning platform and model for software design and deployment. Perhaps we can blame the boost in internet capabilities and the sudden need for cross platform neutrality for this

Either way, when it comes to available choices, it can be a problem when the choices are too few, but it’s just as much of a bother when they’re too many. Overload of options can make choosing an option impossible, where not enough just means settling. But at least when you settle, you come to a reasonably fast decision.

SaaS Is numerous in options and applications, but even if you narrow it down to business, SaaS products are still ubiquitous and hard to choose from, with dozens of options for any specific task or purpose. So how do you choose? Read hundreds of reviews and profiles and come to an informed decision based on a combination of this data? Well, you can, but that’s going to eat up a lot of time.

Well, to help you, we did a bit of that in your place, and compiled a list of the top 7 business SaaS products your business ought to look at. We’ll talk about collaboration, business intelligence, storage, CRM, and a couple general purpose frameworks you should look into.

#1 – LiveOps (Customer Service)

LiveOps is a versatile contact center framework which allows for the merging and singular management of social network customer service, help desks, email systems and traditional phone services. With intuitive logging and cross-information, it is easy for specialists to redirect customers to where they need to be and for all departments to have ready access to the same information on the fly.

With a powerful backbone that is growing every day, LiveOps is the best CS suite in the SaaS field yet.

Not bad for such a simple task-oriented suite, ah?

#2 – Carobnite (storage)

Carbonite is a cloud storage and security service which allows for files to be rapidly stored and accessed in real time. They offer live access of the files where bandwidth permits, and are compatible with any number of operating systems and platforms.

They pride themselves in being the best backup service, but have branched into true live cloud hosting with almost no issues in the transition.

#3 – Cubot (business intelligence)

Cubot is a business intelligence and logistics service specializing in logarithmic user data, key word search logistics and user trends. They also offer infographics services and social network tie ins to monitor popular topics and trends within them as well.

To stay in the know in a sociodynamic business world, Cubot is a must for the data you need to succeed. They also offer on premise services if SaaS isn’t viable due to bandwidth, which while antiquated is a nice touch.

#4 – KnowledgeTree (UX logistics)

KnowledgeTree is a customer data and user experience logistics provider that allows for metrics based on user input, performance monitoring and scanning of help requests or problem reports. This is like having a second, digital UX analyst around 24/7 to point out problems with user experience and clashes with trends.

This software is a must for the immerging UX-aware business.

#1 – Microsoft SharePoint (collaboration)

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative cloud-oriented SaaS system allowing for multiple people to work together on projects, documents or other such things from remote locations and from various platforms. It allows a truly live, virtual office that is independent of location or platform affinity in individuals.

Compatible nativley with Windows, but also compatible with most other platforms, this is really the best enterprise collaboration SaaS product on the market right now.

It can be a mite pricey but not unbearably so.

These are just some of the SaaS products out there that have a lot to offer, and these are specific ones for specific uses.

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