Top 5 SaaS Reads

1# QuinStreet Survey Finds The Transformative Power Of Big Data

Big data is crucial to every business as it allows one to identity emerging types and trends. According to a study carried out by QuinStreet Survey, big data is a transformative technology that has significant impact on businesses. Here is an article by Saroj Karon on this new development.

2# Cloud Computing Continues To Thrive SAAS Being Its Most Popular Type

Did you know that cloud computing has the capacity of increasing your profits and growing your business to its full potential? SaaS is one of the platforms that facilitate this cloud computing. Here are the details as complied by Oodles Technologies PVT. Ltd

3# Integration On The Edge: Data Explosion & Next-Gen Integration

Data integration is one of the major attribute that has remained dominant initiative for the last 10 years. It helps managers achieve their goals and objectives. Here is a review by Hollis Tibbetts on next generation integration and data explosion.

4# How To Get In Front Of Your Ideal Customers

Distribution is one of the key factors that every marketing strategy has to consider. It helps supply products to the target audience. Lincoln Murphy provides an insight on how to do this professionally.

5# 3 Powerful Tactics for Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is sometimes a problem to some organizations. Here is an article I wrote on three tactics that you can use to go through this transition period easily.


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