5 Videos that Best Explain SaaS and Cloud Computing

Software as a service is much more common than it used to be. However, many people are still confused as to what SaaS really is, how the process works, or how to advance in the industry. These five videos provide excellent explanations and useful insights into the world of SaaS.


1. Important SaaS Success Metrics

Whether you’re starting a software company, or you’ve been in the business of years, this video applies to everyone. There are certain metrics everyone must be aware of so they can track and make better sales decisions. From conversion rates to monthly recurring revenue (MRR), it’s all covered right here!

2. SaaS Introduction (Software as a Service)

Eli the Computer Guy introduces SaaS, and explains exactly what software as a service is. Eli simplifies SaaS, defining it as “software that is provided to the end user as a service from a vendor.” It’s always useful to go back to basics.




3. Cloud Computing: What is Cloud Computing?

Ever wonder how cloud computing actually works? You may sell the product, but still might not fully understand the technology behind it. This useful video explains cloud computing with colorful diagrams and pictures. Learn how much organizations really benefit from having the ability to access all the information in the cloud.


4. How to Develop and Sell Software

Kevin O’Connor talks about how to develop a software service and successfully sell it online. Based on his own personal experiences, O’Connor provides useful advice as to how to navigate the software world in order to product a successful product and have customers notice.


5. Software as a Service Overview

This brief yet informative overview outlines the basic process of SaaS. By explaining the methods in which companies sell their software to customers and the benefits gained by each party, this video provides a comprehensive summary of some of the top software services along with an overall  clarification of the process.

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