Top B2B Marketing Software for Online SaaS

Most B2B marketers say that they face the problem of closing high-margin sales in most corporate surveys; therefore, looking for the top software in B2B marketing is a top priority for most businesses in the corporate world of today. Software as a service (SaaS), also known as the ‘on demand software,’ is a delivering software model where software and related are hosted on the cloud centrally.

Some of the B2B marketing software that have been established in the business world by most marketers and system integrators include:


This is a B2B automation marketing pioneer containing a platform that aids companies to streamline their sales and marketing efforts. Management of revenue performance duty gives the marketers the ability to display certain campaign contributions.

Marketo Lead Management

Marketo is a pioneer in the automation space of marketing, and it is capable of accommodating B2B organizations and firms of all sizes, offering a full set of equipment in order to develop senior campaigns that put one’s lead generation into overdrive.

eTrigue DemandCenter

DemandCenter, developed by eTrigue, aids companies to meet their marketing automation solutions, and it has been doing so for over 25 years. DemandCenter is an SaaS application that empowers the employees at different levels in identification and conversion of their sales leads effectively and efficiently.

Nielsen BusinessPoint

This is a cost-effective apparatus that uses the national Nielsen Business-Facts database, which is a strong set data covering that covers  over 14 million United States establishment businesses. Updates are usually conducted on the business-facts, and this provides a wide range of B2B leads, ensuring that you do not have to worry about money mailing to old and outdated addresses, calling wrong phone numbers and wasting time.


This is an SaaS platform that serves to provide tools required for lead scoring and nurturing, and email marketing, and offers more services to it. Pardot simply integrates with CRM, which functions competitively for mini business-to-business users.

Sparks by Marketo

This is designed to suit small business marketers and is a firm automation software system that is simple to use, providing marketers with the tools needed to manage outbound and inbound marketing campaigns effectively.


Silverpop is an email marketing developer that is automated and enables users to link social and lead generation processes that are automated. Marketers easily develop landing pages and social forums in order to capture interactions with customers on a Facebook page for business.


This software unites marketing and sales workflow to one simple-to-use interface. The marketing software is best suited for mini businesses, and it aids marketing to rise efficiently with personalization, segmentation and nurturing of leads.

GoldMine Premium Edition

This software enables any sized organization or company to remain organized, providing exquisite customer service. This system integrates with Microsoft Office’s Outlook, which makes communication with customers easy.

Business to business or B2B marketing software has faced a great evolution over the years, and if you think about all of the products you had to buy in order to start up a B2B software company, including telecom networks, productivity suites, servers, CRM software, project management and software development tools, it really is clear how far B2B marketing has come

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