Top SaaS Analytics Software for Your Business

Choosing the right SaaS analytics software for your business is a challenging but crucial task for your business, as it can make the difference between success and failure. Like any other software in the past, business analytics has come a long way and now has a few additional features.

Today’s challenging business environment requires task-specific and cost-effective business solutions and, therefore, businesses have to invest their time, resources and money in the best software they can find for the intended task, and within the specified budget. This software covers the needs of various businesses operating in different industries or business niches. One major advantage is that it can handle a multitude of processes and data.

Top SaaS Analytics Software for Your Business

1. GoodData

If you want to monetize your data, this is the software for you, as it offers a complete business intelligence package in the cloud. However, it goes beyond the regular warehouse to embrace other third-party enrichment data, big data, and public data sources. GoodData is not only praised for offering subscription-based services to its clients, but also for enabling businesses mashup their data blends.

In addition, beyond the regular customer analytics and business intelligence tools, such as visual data exploration, discovery, collaboration and reporting, GoodData delivers analytics application for sales, marketing, social, service, as well as Yammer deployments. The company boasts of having over 30,000 data warehouses, which they are managing in the cloud, with a 99.5% uptime guarantee, a figure that translates to a little over 3 hours of downtime a month. Data-transformation routines and connectors are availed for traditional data sources, social sources, and cloud-based applications. Provisioning as well as automated management tools ensure that businesses deliver on the vendor’s promise within weeks and not years. Integrated data sources are also delivered within days.

2. HasOffers

This is another analytics program worth trying when you want to design affiliate relationships or business deals. HasOffers is not only affordable, but also fully-featured, and compatible with mobile platforms across browsers. It features complete customization, offer exchange frameworks, real-time reporting, campaign optimization, and ad management. They also offer affiliate management, advertising, and fraud score integration. For affiliate niches, HasOffers can be the best SaaS analytics software in terms of analytics design.

3. Watson Analytics

IBM’s cloud-based Watson Analytics guides ordinary business users. As a natural language-assisted data analysis service, Watson Analytics leverages multiple IBM- developed technologies to simplify data analysis. Watson’s natural-language understanding capabilities allow businesses to explore data in English. With its InfoSphere Data Refinery capabilities, which assess the data uploaded, businesses can take advantage of powerful features, such as automatically-suggested data-cleansing technique, including deleting of duplicate data or merging data and records that seem to be somewhat related. Moreover, the Catalyst Engine, which has been specially developed for SPSS analytics, will automatically find any correlations and data trends. On the other hand, Cognos Project Neo technology will also suggest which type of data visualization to utilize in order to better illustrate a correlation, trend, outlines, or other characteristic.

Luckily for small businesses, Watson Analytics is a freemium service that you can access online and begin using immediately for free, but data storage is up to a maximum of 500MB. An upgrade would cost a few dollars a month, and you can store data up to 2GB.

4. Mobile App Tracking

From same designers and HasOffers, Mobile Tracking is another SaaS analytics software designed for tracking mobile application installations and usage, and works well across different mobile devices. Mobile App Tracking leverages HasOffers’ stability, rich functionality and platform, providing multiple ad network integrations for analytics, advertising, and optimization, albeit for mobile. If you are looking for a single SDK, an open API, real-time tracking and complete data privacy, on mobile platform, then this powerful system is definitely suited for you.

5. Power BI

This is Microsoft’s standalone service for data access and management, as well as data analysis. This software became a stand-alone service when it was detached from its parent Office 365. Available today as a freemium service, this service can be accessed for free, with 1 GB of storage space per user. An upgrade to Power BI Pro would cost your businesses a few dollars per user, per month, but will provide 10 GB of storage per user, per month. The Pro version also supports up to a million rows of data streaming per hour, with Active Directory-controlled collaboration, as well as on-premise data access capabilities. Power users and IT can trust that corporate data sources are safe, and that Active Directory can lock down access privileges or rights. The Bing maps and Azure data market are invaluable sources of public data sources. You can also use Power BI Designer to develop graphs, charts, and dashboards, for free.

SaaS analytics has come a long way, and as SaaS continues to progress, great changes are expected, with a whole new world of applications designed for specific tasks. BI and analytics tools provide a way for businesses to monitor their data and in turn generate business insights, which are necessary in making key business decisions that drive growth. Choosing the right BI and analytics tool for your business can be a challenging task, but consider your business, employees, departments, teams, and other stakeholders that would be directly affected, as well as the key success factors that drive growth. Evaluate what does not work currently and determine what could be done to make some improvements.


Visualizing and analyzing data is important for any business, and finding the right BI and analytics tools to help you achieve your business goals can help you reach there faster. These tools combine and customize relevant data to generate information that provide an insight into how your business is performing, so that you can make insightful, evidence-based decisions to improve business performance. Go for tools that are easy to use, with multiple dashboards, data discovery options, and offer mobile support where necessary. When it comes to selecting the most appropriate SaaS analytics software for your business, you should weigh the cost against the benefits and decide whether you want to use the free version or pay an extra fee for additional features.

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