Top Saas Startups 2013 – The SaasAddict Awards

Technological advancement in software development really redefined the manner in which organizations and businesses manage their operations. One of the major benefits of using quality Saas startups is that they help save money and time for other income generating activities without sacrificing the quality of services offered to clients.

Here are the SaaSaddict Picks for the Top SaaS Startups of 2013:


Looking for a web builder that can create a beautiful, professional and interactive website? Wix is the ultimate solution for you especially if you intend to add lots of pictures and graphics on your web. It’s also an ideal choice for restaurant, musicians, photographers, designers and businesses that wish to boost their online presence. Since its inception, it has gathered over 41 million registered users and records over 45,000 new users every day. This is enough proof that it actually delivers on its promises. Some of the major benefits of using this web builder include; an intuitive drag and drop interface, unique yet very professional templates and unlimited access to their customer support platform.


Insightera is a real time intuitive B2B personalized saas startup that allows marketers and organizations to engage in real time with clients. That is, it allows marketers to accurately pin point the location of their clients. This in turn helps them to deliver the right content to the right customers unlike other marketing platforms such as social media and SEO that just drives potential clients to websites. Basically, it allows companies derive maximum benefits from their existing support prospects and marketing assets. Using it, you will be able to make informed marketing decision which will translate into more qualified leads and customers from all across the globe.

Any business entrepreneur who has experienced any of these top saas startups can attest to the fact that they deliver on their promises. Networking and outsourcing with other users who are already using them can also help you derive maximum utility from them.


This is one of the most phenomenon startup that have received a lot of press lately and raised over 3 million dollars since its inception. Simply put, it is a step-by-step walk-through guidance service that is specifically tailored for website owners. Currently, it offers three standards accounts namely; the free account that offers only 3 walk thrus, the silver account that costs 19$ per month and finally the gold account that costs $97 per month. The silver account supports 5 walk-thrus while the latter supports 15 walk thrus plus SSL.

One of the major aspects that give it an upper hand in the market is that it has a interactive user interface that will help you set it up in just 2 minutes. Additionally, it offers a number of impressive customizable options that are tailored to help you create walk-thu ballons as per your specifications and needs. Finally, you will surely love its graphical analytic features that will help you know when each walk-thru was created plus the number of times was completed.


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