Video Content Management System Software to Try

Introduction to Video Content Management System Software

Whether your objective is to open new revenue streams, increase customer engagement, or just enhance learning, a flexible video content management system allows you to add a video to your existing website and do much more. Specifically, the Launchpad6 CMS is powerful video content management system software to try. It is the world’s most flexible video platform.

Add a video to your existing site complete with a branded player, including comprehensive analytics and in-video advertising and calls to action. In Launchpad6 video platform you will find everything you need to add a video to your existing organization. Simply upload your desired video, embed it in your existing site, and watch it play on all devices. Some of its superior features are discussed below.

1. Simple video uploading and encoding

The Launchpad6 video platform lets you worry less about video codecs or formats. Simply upload your video to the video platform and its powerful video transcoding system, and then create multiple renditions of the video to be certain it works across various devices.

High definition live and on-demand streaming – To ensure your viewers get a memorably good experience, the Launchpad6 has full HD streaming that is dynamic and adapts to suit the user’s device and connection speed.

Utilize optional frontend modules to develop a video website – Frontend modules easily connect to the core video platform and give life to your content in a full-featured, customizable video website or application. Typically, modules can be standalone, independent assets that are integrated into your existing site to develop specialized video portals.

2. Connected TV module

Take your content with you to the living room using your Connected TV channel, creating your own Smart TV channel. The Smart TV module plugs into the core video platform, bringing your video content to the living room through a customized, Smart TV channel.

Quick, easy set up – Launchpad6 video platform makes it easy to create your own desirable Smart TV Channel. You will have an administration area that enables you to fully customize the channel to meet your requirements, as well as upload your logos and preferred colors, organize your own content into categories, connect your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, and much more.

3. Completely customizable to match your requirements

This video content management system software provides a platform that allows you create a customized Smart TV Channel to suit your requirements. You can add your own design, custom functionality, and incorporate an unlimited number of plugins using the unique architecture. Your Launchpad6 Smart TV channel is specially designed for Smart TV’s. Easily navigate the interface using a TV remote with large buttons, icons, and fields included to make it easier for users to interact with their videos and enjoy from the comfort of their living room couch.

4. Website module

Create a full-featured, customizable video site almost instantly. Make your own video website within minutes using the Launchpad6 microsite module that connects to the core video platform, allowing you to instantly develop and create a customizable video website, just like YouTube.

Quick, easy set up – With the video platform, it’s quite simple to make a video website. Your admin area allows you to customize the website to suit your own requirements, including uploading of own logos and preferred colors, selecting suitable SEO titles, connecting your own social media accounts and many more.

The video platform enables you to make a video website fully customized to meet your requirements and needs. Add your own desired design and custom functionality, incorporate a wide variety of plugins and customize your video website in any way you want.

5. Facebook Application

Add a customizable video channel to engage your fans on your Facebook page. Use the Launchpa6 Facebook App to connect to the core video platform, allowing you add a customizable video channel that will engage the fans on your Facebook page.

Quick, easy setup – Easily create a Facebook video app with the video platform and use the administration area to customize the app to suit your requirements, add your branding, and integrate it into your Facebook Brand Page. Your Facebook video app will seamlessly integrate into your Facebook Brand Page simply as a timeless app. Located at the top of your Facebook fan page, it allows users to navigate between the app with ease, including other features of the facebook brand page.

6. Mobile site module

Easily reach users on the go and capture their attention by launching your own video website optimized specifically for mobile devices. Build your own mobile video website using the Launchpad6 mobile site module that connects to the core video platform, allowing you to instantly develop and create your own tailor-made mobile video site.

Quick, easy setup – Easily build a mobile video website with the Launchpad6 video content management system. Using your administration area, customize your mobile video site to suit your needs, upload your logos and colors, and connect your social media accounts and so much more.

This mobile video site is specially designed for touchscreen devices such as iPhones and Androids. Users can easily navigate its interface using large buttons and input fields that users enjoy when interacting with video content. Moreover, you can fully customize the app to suit your requirements. Virtually every aspect of this video content management system is fully customizable to meet your needs and exact requirements. You can add your own preferred design, integrate an ad network, and plugin your currently existing analytics software.

7. Easily expandable with plugins

Its architecture enables you to effortlessly expand the capability of your existing video platform by adding photos and text content. You can also add a paywall to accept donations and integrate existing systems.

8. Apps are also available!

The video app platform is a set of Android, iOS, and Smart TV applications that are rapidly customizable and deployed. Applications connect to the main video platform and enable you manage both the app and your content, all from one interface.

9. Connected TV applications

Launchpad6 Smart TV Apps connect to the main video platform and take your content directly to the living room couch of your audience. Applications are completely customizable to meet your requirements and can be deployed across multiple manufacturer TV sets.


The Lauchpad6 video platform enables you to manage video applications on your site and keep your Facebook fans engaged. Apart from allowing you to do several other things, including system integration, this video content management system is fully customizable to suit your requirements.


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