VIDEO: SaaS Marketing — What is the Magic Bullet?

When it comes to SaaS marketing, there is no single strategy that works for all. Peter Cohen, a marketer with 25 years of experience and an SaaS marketing strategy advisor talks about why you need to think outside the box to attract new customers and close more deals. Towards the end of the video, Peter gives to strong tips that would be of great use to anyone who wants to conquer SaaS marketing. There are many things I liked about this video:

  1. Expert tips
  2. Short, brief and to the point
  3. A dynamic approach to SaaS school of thought

This clip is worth your two minutes, that’s for sure!


Sydney Rootman is the Editor and Lead Writer for SaaSAddict. SaaSAddict shares news and information on SaaS, cloud migration and product marketing, in hopes of fostering discussion and interaction with the professional community.