[VIDEO] Why Oracle’s Version of SaaS 101 Is Marketing Success

This video is a bit old but it reminds us why Oracle is reaching the peak of the SaaS industry, and becoming an empire. In this video, they offer a “guide to choosing the right SaaS,” using some interesting facts highlighting their advantages over other SaaS companies, big and small. For instance, they mention 1st generation SaaS providers, who carry tons of experience, but haven’t modernized in ages.

The video’s most significant virtue is that is caters for both SaaS professionals and newbies, as it uses easy-to-grasp terms and clear description, while winking at the competition (watch out- SAP and IBM), and offering us all a lesson in excellent marketing.

I, personally, am impressed with the confidence this video projects, with the very clear sarcastic voice. Think you could have the guts to do the same?


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