Video: Why Zendesk?

This is video gives you a bird’s eye-view of events on a typical customer service representative’s day at work. One thing that stand thing that stands out about him is that he is always ready to solve his customers’ problems. In the process of doing so, he ends up creating more and more brand ambassadors for his company. Two things I liked about this clip:


(1)It shows the potential customer (Zendesk Customer that is) how the service will be of benefit to him

(2)It shows the prospective user how the SaaS will solve his problems

(3)Not another one of those salesy videos


I learned a lot from this short video to a point that I didn’t notice they were marketing their service to me. At the end I was sure that Zendesk is all I needed to power-up my customer care service.

This nice video has 1000+ of lessons that any SaaS manager will find useful in plotting a worthwhile marketing campaign.


Sydney Rootman is the Editor and Lead Writer for SaaSAddict. SaaSAddict shares news and information on SaaS, cloud migration and product marketing, in hopes of fostering discussion and interaction with the professional community.