This Week in SaaS News

This Week’s Best in SaaS is all about winning over skeptics and naysayers. From an outline of SaaS over the past 15 years, to infographics outlining just how impressive SaaS has become and even an article about how B2B SaaS companies are investing in mobile, we  present a number of articles which will definitely reduce skepticism.

1. Skepticism to Backbone in 15 Years: How SaaS Shaped the New Enterprise Security
In this article by Kara Drapala, she outlines just how SaaS became essential for new enterprise. In particular she identifies the way that the benefits of SaaS began to outweigh the skepticism.

2. 8 Advanced Tips for Never Losing SaaS Customers

Neil Patel’s article outlines 8 important tips that will allow you to be more transparent, rewarding and proactive. Using these tips, you’ll be sure to prevent the loss of SaaS customers.


3.How B2B SaaS Companies Are Investing in Mobile [Infographic]

In this article by Bryn Adler, she pulls some important metrics to inform this infographic. This infographic helps us better understand exactly how B2B companies are investing in mobile.

4.The Rule of 40% For a Healthy SaaS Company
In this article by FeldThoughts, they look at the requirements for a successful SaaS company. In particular they examine the 40% rule for growth rate and profit which will ensure you’re on track and profitable.

5. SaaS Implementation Meets Expectations

Finally in this article we outline an infographic, which outlines just how satisfied companies implementing SaaS really are.  We hope these stats will speak for themselves as they are pretty impressive.


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