This Week in SaaS

By: Omri @SaaSAddict Erel

From tips to improve conversions to trends fueling new changes in Asia, this week’s best in SaaS covers a variety of ways to improve opportunities for your business.

1. 8 Powerful Tips that Will Improve Your SaaS Conversions

In Neil Patel’s article he offers 8 tips, which will improve SaaS conversions for your business. From making them free, to using metrics and making customer service a top priority, you will be on your way to improving your conversions, sales and revenue.

2. SaaS Support Best Practices: Passive, Proactive and Predictive

In Kimberly Griess’ article she addresses SaaS customer support programs which will help you develop both a passive and proactive support response.

3. 7 Trends Fueling a Blue Ocean Opportunity for SaaS Companies in Asia

In Pieter Walraven’s article he addresses why it’s worthy keeping an eye on mobile SaaS companies in Asia. From their bottom-up adoption processes, to consumer level experience and freemiums, Walraven identifies a number of ways that this particular market can provide some new opportunities and ideas.

4. 5 Steps for Making a B2B Blog Run Smoothly

In Sean Work’s article, he outlines the importance of a blog as a marketing tool entirely within your control. With this in mind he outlines 5 critical steps for making your B2B blog as effective as possible.

5. Extensive SaaS Deployment Process Guide

Finally in this article we outline an extensive SaaS Deployment Process Guide. We address 6 key elements to SaaS deployment which include security, legal, accessibility, user admin, ongoing management and more.

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