Weekly Top 5 in SaaS

This week, once again, I gathered the top SaaS online stories. This weekly roundup includes articles on how to conserve your SaaS users for the long run, SaaS in the enterprise realm and even discussing the rather new concept of containers as a service. Enjoy!

Goodbye, SaaS — hello, Containers-as-a-Service

There has certainly been a lot of thrill about containers as a service. The three foremost cloud suppliers, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, are all offering new CaaS (Containers-as-a-Service), products. Allowing some Docker container to run on their bandwidth, solving a main problem concerning IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) which requires additional system management and alignment, and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that is usually restrictive.

Oracle Commerce Cloud Aimed at Building Fast, Responsive Business Sites

The tech giant Oracle is aiming to streamline the requirement of developing online shops with the launch of Oracle Commerce Cloud, a distinct SaaS solution that includes full-featured reactive storefronts for desktop and mobiles. The company believes the product will help businesses create their own e-commerce sites on a comparatively inexpensive budget.

55% of Enterprises Predict Cloud Computing Will Enable New Business Models In Three Years

This article, by Louis Columbus, presents a recent Oxford study of cloud computing implementation, which shows that according to a survey of 200 senior business executives the cloud grows rapidly in the enterprise level, much more than expected. Oxford’s analysts compared the newest study with one accomplished in 2012 regarding leading signs of cloud implementation in enterprises. They found many enterprises are implementing the cloud technology as built in part of their own business model.

 How to choose a SaaS design platform

Unlike its beginning in the 80’s, web design today is in the hands of the many and not the few. The Web design space is more established now than it ever has been encompassing a $20 billion dollar industry. You can even a SaaS product to do it yourself. This new era of SaaS based design ushered an opportunity for low budget creativity that results in a variety of websites and user experiences.

3 Warning Signs of a Fleeing SaaS Customer

After reading about all of these success stories I want to share an article about the way to realize you have an important SaaS customer leaving your service. Don’t be blindsided when a high-valued customer suddenly leaves your company. Look for these warning signs in your clients and act to minimize their chance of leaving.

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