This Week’s Best Articles in SaaS

From insights from a top comedian to serious tips from a cloud professional, I think you’ll find this week’s best in SaaS particularly insightful.

1. Top 7 Most Common Uses of Cloud Computing

In this article by Mamar Ferkoun he discusses the most common uses of cloud and its role in increasing competitiveness in businesses and in helping them to achieve their business goals.

2. Louis C.K. Was Right About The Cloud All Along

Sarah Barness’ article sums up  comedian Louis C.K.’s commentary on the future and impact of cloud environments. His commentary is hilarious and pretty accurately predicts the future.

3. A Telcom As Cloud Powerhouse? CenturyLInk Might Pull It Off

In this article by Eric Knorr, he outlines the ways that telcos have attempted but failed to become cloud leaders. Then he outlines some of CenturyLink’s approaches to the cloud and the way they’ve built new opportunities in the cloud environment.

4. Three Ways Cloud Computing is Driving Rapid Innovation

Robert LeBlanc’s article takes a look at how cloud has changed the way executives look at technology. It describes three ways that cloud is driving forward innovation in key areas.

5. Getting To Yes Faster: 4 Tips For Reducing Customer Acquisition and Closing More Sales

Finally we have this article which outline 4 tips for reducing customer acquisition costs. This article should help you build a solid strategy to help you choose the right prospects, solutions and goals.


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