This Weeks Best Articles In SaaS

#1 Benchmark Maturity of your SaaS Solution

With this article Techello outlines exactly how to benchmark the maturity of your business’ SaaS project. Their free SMART calculator makes this process a lot easier, and with an outline of the various benchmarks required for this process (security, architecture, operations etc…) this article provides a solid understanding of exactly what benchmarking is required and why its important.

#2 IBM Software bets on SaaS.

Ramdas S from CRN outlines how IBM has made the important move to SaaS in nearly all of their products. He also outlines the possible future partnerships required to make SaaS customizable.

#3 Debunking three myths about software as a service (SaaS)

This article by Thoughts on Cloud breaks down the major myths about SaaS software that may be preventing your business from embracing the SaaS solution. With the SaaS market expected to grow by almost 37 billion dollars, this article helps make the transition easier.

#4 Understanding SaaS: Why the Pundits Have It Wrong

This article by Scott Kupor and Preethi Kasireddy challenges the pundits and outlines exactly why the presumption that SaaS companies are too expensive is just wrong. With a clear and articulate tone the article is quick to dispel the myths about the costs of SaaS and use some great visuals to get the job done.

 #5 Video: Catalyst Inventors: How can a SaaS company market and sell to small businesses?

Finally this article is a review of the video in which Rick Stoll Meyers from Mindbody, shares tips and examples of low cost marketing channels. It’s a clear article with the video alongside it which helps to focus your attention on new marketing avenues.


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