This Week’s Best Resources in SaaS

SaaS and the Buyer Persona Imperative

As the world becomes more and more competitive by the day, it is essential for B2B companies to start understanding their buyer personas. Matthews’ article brings you up to speed with a 4-step process to understanding the attributes of your customers. This is an essential guide to any manager who wants to initiate SaaS change that works.

7 SaaS Marketing Deal Killers

There are certain thing that any SaaS marketer out there should avoid like a plague. Want to know what these are? Read John McTigue’s guide to the 7 most dread SaaS deal killers.

Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing

The main work of an SaaS provider is to create solutions that make the life of his/her customers easier and better. It’s about pushing out the right message as well. Learn more on how to ensure customer satisfaction through Peter Cohen’s article.

Making the Business Case for a SaaS Customer Success Management Solution

One interesting trend with the SaaS market is the gradual shift from products to services and the associated transition to a subscription-based economy. Jeff Kaplan’s guest post on takes an in-depth look at why the stakes are extremely high for those shifting to subscription services. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve his SaaS experience going forward.

The Hardest Task SaaS Face Is Getting Users to Invest in Your Product

And here’s an interview I conducted. (It’s not from this week, but certainly worth a read this weekend.) Check out this interview with Stu Green- CEO and Founder of Project Bubble.


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