This Week’s best of SaaS Addict

1. How to Create a Cloud Strategy that Fails Big!  

Thomas Bittman has written this article about the dominating perceptions about cloud which could actually prevent you from transitioning successfully.

2. 5 Ways to Create Marketing that gets a Hardwired Response

This article by Greg Dignio outlines how and why people take action. These marketing principles are sure to get a response.

3. How to Continue the Conversation with Anonymous Website Visitors

If you’re having trouble making customers out of prospects, then Sean Callahan’s article will help you with better understanding your visitor’s user behavior and ways to better harness their potential as customers.

4. 35 Growth Hacking Tools for Marketers Who Don’t Code

Chloe Mason Gray’s article helps you find the best solution for growing your business by outlining the various tools available to you, and detailing the solutions they offer.

5. Five Reasons Why the Cloud is Clearly the Future (and Present) of Corporate Performance Management

Nicholas Mukhar has developed this article which outlines the ways that Cloud would, and should replace outdated methods of data collection. From data analytics to forecasting tools, Cloud is described as the future of CPM.


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