This Week’s Best in SaaS News

In this week’s best in SaaS we hear secrets from some industry leaders, we get to the real cost of customer success, and we even look at some new SaaS performance monitoring tools.

1. 6 Leaders Share Secrets to SaaS Startup Success

In this article by Aaron Orendorff, he looks at six key insights from industry leaders who have experienced great success. From building relationships to a renewed focus on churn, you’ll find some great suggestions from some of the industry’s best.

2.Speeding Up The Innovation Cycle With SaaS

In this article by Steve Miranda, he looks at the changes brought by cloud to an IT industry which used to wait years for any new implementation.


3.Getting to the Real Cost of Customer Success

Christine Crandell’s article outlines just how to assess your ROI on Customer Success. In particular, she looks at a particular method to calculate the average cost of obtaining a new customer. Once she’s helped you define your CRC, she goes on to indicate just what most SaaS companies are missing in these numbers.

4.SaaS Is Not a License to Be Lazy

In Dan Kusnetzky’s article outlines the role of AppNeta, a performance monitoring tool that can help you monitor SaaS applications.

5.How to Strategize Training on the Road to Successful Software Adoption

Finally in this article we present part of a White Paper entitled “The Road to Successful Software Adoption” and look at just how to choose the right software for your business.


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