The Week’s Best in SaaS

1. How to Explain Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud to your Spouse
Erik Anderson’s article helps explain Cloud in its many forms, in a variety of ways. It is a creative and fun article that helps break down the options we have using Cloud.


2. How Mention Reduced Churn by 22% in One Month

This article by Kissmetrics discusses the changes made by Mention to improve their churn rates. From an automated nurturing program to an anti-churn webinar, Mention saw a staggering drop in churn in just one month by putting some of these strategies in place.


3. SaaS Free Trial Extensions are a Bad Sign
Lincoln Murphy’s article on the trouble with free SaaS trials and why he is not a fan of incentivized extensions.


4. How these Three Startups Gained Traction without Spending an Ad Dollar

This article by John Solomon helps address the challenges of startups and the importance of leveraging every dollar while saving on advertising. Solomon examples three startups that managed to succeed on limited advertising dollars.


5. How to Get Customers to Help You Innovate

This article helps us consider four ways to leverage your customer base to build innovation and the ability to value your customers and their role in keeping you customer centered.



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