This Week’s Latest News in SaaS

In this week’s best in SaaS, we take a look at the ultimate SaaS metrics cheat sheet, on how to get more cash out of Saas, and even how lifecycle marketing can drive customer loyalty and value.

1   Getting More Cash Out of SaaS: Timing Is Everything
Nino Marakovic’s article outlines the importance of timing of cash collection on high-growth, recurring-revenue business. If you’re facing the cash-for-growth tradeoff that Marakovic outlines in this article, you’ll find this article particularly important.

2. The Ultimate SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet

In this article by Nick Franklin, he provides a great SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet which will definitely prove important in the collection of your own metrics.


3. Customer Lifecycle Marketing To Drive Loyalty & Lifetime Value

In this article by Tom Krackeler and Sarah Brown, they outline the customer lifecycle which provides the best drive loyalty and lifetime value. They outline the ways that the very best SaaS companies engage with their prospects by consulting their experts directly.

4. How SaaS Marketers Can Create A Killer Content Calendar This Year

In this article by Annie Zim, she outlines the five steps required in order to create a killer content calendar. If you’re looking to sell more software this year, Zim’s article will provide you with a great step in the right direction.

5. SaaS Revenue Recognition Concepts Guide

Finally in this article we provide you with an SaaS Revenue Recognition Concepts guide. I think you’ll find some particularly good insights in areas of accounting for non-refundable upfront fees, and the importance of recognizable revenue.


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