This Week’s News in SaaS

This week’s best in SaaS looks into the future to see trends, projections and predictions for 2015.

1. Are SaaS Companies Just Misunderstood?

In Ron Miller and Alex William’s article they offer up the pros and cons of the SaaS approach. They also confront the possibility that SaaS viability is a matter of accounting semantics and discuss the costs associated with these businesses.

2.Planning for the Future: Enterprise Cloud Trends in 2015

Kris Bliesner’s article tackles the challenges associated with planning for the future of Cloud and public cloud services. Keeping in mind its massive growth, this article outlines some important points that every CIO should consider when planning in 2015.

3. IDC Predicts SaaS Enterprise Applications Will Be A $50.8B Market by 2018

In Louis Columbus’ article, he addresses some of the key takeaways from the IDC predictions of worldwide SaaS CRM applications market revenue.

 4. Golden Goose or Marketing Turkey: Predictions for SaaS Businesses in 2015

The predictions continue in Alex Cohen’s article about the SaaS digital marketing future. If you need help interpreting how some of the marketing trends may affect your business, this is the article for you.

5. SaaS in 2015 – What New Shifts Will We See?

Finally in this article, we look to the future to imagine some of the new SaaS trends ahead in 2015. If you’re also anticipating steady but constant change, this article is for you.


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