Will This New Gadget Finally Determine the Apple vs Google Rivalry?

Since the dawn of ages, Apple and Google have been fighting for favorites when it comes to user experience and simplicity. Is Apple finally ready to take the lead?


Many of you may remember the explosive creation of Pokémon Go as one of the most popular apps to implement AR successfully. Now, Apple is trying to implement the same technology on their own version of “Google Glass.”


AR, or Augmented Reality is becoming a much more popular concept, along with virtual reality, being integrated with current and upcoming technology. For those of you that are unaware, augmented reality is the combination of virtual reality and reality with a clear defining line between the two.


In Pokémon Go, for instance, you can see a rear facing camera view of whatever is in front of your phone, while the augmented reality adds what appears to be a Pokémon into the “picture”.


According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple has ordered small quantities of near-eye displays to test its concept, but the amount ordered was not significant enough to believe Apple plans on mass producing anything of sort any time soon.

Will this Put an End to the Apple vs Google Rivalry?

It certainly seems likely that Apple will do what it can to pick up where Google Glasses left off. According to The Next Web, Tim Cook stated his optimism on augmented reality, and Apple has already acquired firms like PrimeSense, which developed motion sensing for Kinect, in addition to AR startups such as Metaio and Flyby Media.


Apple has also recently received a patent for smart glasses with digital displays. The only setback here is how long it will probably be until we see what this may or may not turn into.


A few years ago, Google Glasses came to fruition with the same desire, to make AR a part of our everyday lives. Just like all those futuristic movies, they predicted that we would walk around with a constant array of features at our disposal with the blink of an eye or the tilt of the head. Unfortunately, this never moved much further.


There are multiple factors and opinions that went into the failure of Google Glasses. According to The Next Web the failure was a result of not solving any major problems and being seen as a finished product when it was really just a hyped up prototype.


Gizmodo simply stated that those who wore the product got assaulted. Whatever the reason, it never went big. Google is no joke, and neither are “smart glasses”. Apple might want to take some tips to avoid the same missteps Google had to endure.


Whatever the case, I can’t wait for something like this to finally be implemented into our daily lives. The technology behind this product could provide endless advantages!


A Great Solution, if Done Right.

Forget having information in the palm of your hand, imagine the ease and efficiency of just having to say a few words or making slight movements: A surgeon wouldn’t need to worry about his hands being occupied, or think about a driver who no longer needs to take his eyes off the road to look at the dashboard.


I could go on and on but I believe the point here is clear. The user base of any company wants ease and efficiency, and AR can be THE answer, if done right.


Every company should be striving to keep their customers and users satisfied by making their lives easier and giving solid user experience. This is something both Google and Apple excel in doing, and constantly compete against.


After “Google Glass” failed to live up to the hype, it’s Apple’s turn.


Every company should be striving to keep their customers and users satisfied by making their lives easier and giving solid user experience. Google tried but unfortunately missed the mark. Now Apple has an open road ahead to pick up the pace and make augmented reality a real possibility.



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